Bottles and packaging

Plastic jugs

We have 3 types of plastic jugs:
Plastic jugs for storage over a period of 3 months at room temperature
Oxygen Barrier plastic bottles
Freezing jugs

Various sizes

Caps available – not included


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Sucker bags and sticks

Cellophane bags 4 3/4” X 6 3/4”
product code: ECMSC406

Cellophane bags 3” x 4”
product code: ECMSC304

Plastic bags 3” X 5”
product code: ECMSS305

Plastic bags 4” X 5”
product code: ECMSS405

Sticks 3 3/4”
product code: ECMSB375

Sticks 4 1/2”
product code: ECMSB450


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