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The CDL barrel is designed according to the recommendations of the Federation of maple syrup producers and “Table Filière”.


  • Easily stackable
  • All lower joints completely welded
  • Designed for the complete drainage of syrup or washing water
  • Drip hole on top; No hole on the side
  • Edges with pronounced curves facilitating the handling of the barrels.
  • Same dimensions as conventional.
  • Stackable.

13 gallons (15,7 gallons US)
product code: 66819

33 gallons (40 gallons US)
product code: 66816

45 gallons (55 gallons US)
product code: 668161

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Barrel's Caps

3/4″ zinc cap
Product Code: 66792

2″ zinc cap
Product Code: 66794

2″ plastic cap
Product Code: 660057

2″ stainless steel cap
Product Code: BUNGSS

2” plastic cap for barrels
Product Code: BUNG06

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Barrel accessories

Stainless steel barrel sampler
Product Code: 67ECHBA

32-gallon plastic bag
Product Code: 663332

Stainless steel plastic bag holder
Product Code: 678952

Stainless steel health barrel key
Product Code: 662285

Barrel wrench
Product Code: BARWRE

Barrel wrench
Product Code: 662282

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Pump and barrel transfer

Pneumatic stainless steel barrel pump
Product Code:


  • Allows you to empty a barrel of syrup faster
  • Quicker than a pump
  • Empty barrels of syrup without making a mess
  • Very easy to use

1″ Teflon barrel transfer
Product Code: 6150PI

5/8″ Teflon barrel transfer
Product Code: 6150P58

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Beginner bottling kits

Available in 2 sizes
16” X 16” et 16” X 32”

1 sugar pan cover
1 sugar pan
1 filter holder
1 R-65 propane burner
1 stainless steel ball valve
1 water jacketed tank
1 propane burner support
1 3/4” stainless steel nipple
1 1/2” stainless steel nipple
1 3/4″ stainless steel ball valve

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Maple cream machines

Maple cream machine
8 L | 110 V
Brass pump
product code: 668828

Maple cream machine
16 L | 220 V
Brass pump
product code: 668827

Maple cream machine
8L | 110 V
Stainless steel pump
product code: 668828S

Maple cream machine
16L | 220 V
Stainless steel pump
product code: 668827S

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Maple sugar machines

Simple and double maple sugar machines available


  • Fully automated
  • Uniform granulation
  • Can function without supervision
  • Available without automation if requested
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 3 in 1: mixer, grinder and dryer
  • Self-cleaning with hot water

Maple sugar machines
8” automatic
product code: 668855A

Maple sugar machines
8″ double automatic
product code: 668856A

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Water jacketed tanks

Stainless steel

Electric water jacketed tank
35 gallons
product code:67422

Electric water jacketed tank
12 gallons
product code: 67422-M

Bottling stand with pedal
35 gallons
product code: 67220-S

Bottling stand with pedal
12 gallons
product code: 67220-MS

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Candy machine (motor included)
product code: ECB0100A

Auger and pan
product code: ECBMW301

Extra pan
product code: ECBMP101

Motor 1/4 hp
product code: 660002

Propane burner R-65
product code: 66803

Electric bottling valve
product code: 67217

Bottling nozzle for water jacketed tank
product code: 67BM12

Bottling valve 1/2″ 90o
product code: ECDVP805

Bottling valve 3/8″ 90o
product code: ECDVP804

Pump dispenser
product code: DISPEN

Coffee pot style spout + gasket
product code: COFSPO

Bottle/container washer
product code: BOTWAS

Bottling nozzle for water jacketed tank
product code: 6788991B2

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