Tapping accessories and tools

Precision tapper


This high quality and high precision tool has been designed by professionals to correct and reduce tapping problems caused by conventional drills. Using this tool ensures high quality tap holes and prevents leaking spouts.

Precision tapper kit
Product code :663970

Precision tapper adaptor
Product code: 663971

Adaptor for ¼” bit
Product code: 6639714

Adaptor for 17/64″ bit
Product code: 6639764

Adaptor for 19/64″ bit
Product code: 6639964

Adaptor for 5/16″ bit
Product code: 6639716

Why choose a precision tapper?

  • Repetitiveness
  • Prevents oscillation
  • Depth control
  • Fail-safe mechanism
  • Bit protection
  • Angle adjustment



  • Reduces leakage due to perfect tap holes;
  • Decreases the introduction of bacteria into the tap hole;
  • Reduces the chances of having to drill a 2nd time;
  • Reduces costs from leakage management;
  • General productivity increase: by improving the tapping quality you improve production.
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Drill bit

7/16” titanium bit
Product code: 66251

1/4” long bit
Product code: 662415

19/64” long bit
Product code: 662542

5/16” long bit
Product code: 662540

1/4’’ Bolduc bit
Product code: 662537

5/16’’ Bolduc bit
Product code: 662543

17/64’’ Bolduc bit
Product code: 662539

19/64’’ Bolduc bit
Product code:

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