Vacuum pumps

Conversion system for vane pumps

Oil cooling system 3 HP à 5 HP
Product Code: 663470P

Oil cooling system 7,5 HP to 10 HP
Product Code: 663470


  • Eliminates overheating of the DeLaval or Airablo pumps.
  • Very compact.
  • Allows to pump up to 25″ Hg.
  • High performance radiator to keep the oil cooler.
  • Integrated thermostat optimizes performance.
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Diaphragm pumps

Ideal for small producers 

Diaphragm 1/2’’
up to 400 taps.
Product Code: 669512

Double diaphragm pump up to 700 taps.
Product Code: 669514


  • Pumps up to 22″ Hg.
  • Works without a sap extractor.
  • Easy to use and very compact.


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