CDL 2018 Open Houses St.Albans

27-28 April 2018

3 Lemnah Drive St.Albans, Vermont United States 05478

Maple sugaring event of the year.

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CDL Monitoring 2.0 : Why it’s the best out there
By Kory Woods and Garth Atherton


3/16 tubing installation
The CDL way, by Brandon Daniels

In the spotlight for 2018
Combining the power of the CDL Master evaporator with high brix concentration: How and why?



From 8 to 35 brix – Research on the impacts of RO on syrup flavor and quality
By Abby van den Berg, Ph.D. from the Proctor Maple Research Center


Boiling high brix on a Master evaporator – everything you need to know
With Nick Atherton (RO at 25 brix on an oil fired master 3×11)
and Mike Parker (RO at 30 brix on a wood pellet master 6×16)
Other activities and workshops (times to be confirmed)
Live demonstration 1: Making granulated sugar
Live demonstration 2: Making maple cream
Live demonstration 3: Installing with CDL pre-lashed mainline
Workshop 1: Maintenance and simple repairs for Airtech vane pumps
Workshop 2: Maintenance and simple repairs for CDL ROs


Kory Woods

Kory currently manages CDL USA’s monitoring division. Starting as a monitoring technician,
Kory has a deep understanding of the system and will be able to answer any question on your
specific application.

Garth Atherton

Garth needs no introduction. Founder of Maple Pro before the merge with CDL, Garth has been
working in maple for many decades and built a great reputation across the maple industry in the United States. He is a big monitoring advocate, using it himself in his own sugarbush.

Brandon Daniels

Brandon is our CDL dealer in West Virginia but he is also recognized as one of the 3/16” experts in the industry. In the past few years, he worked with more than 125 producers on 3/16” installs, providing support and training.

Dr. Abby van den Berg

Dr. Abby van den Berg is a research assistant professor at the Proctor Maple Research Center in
Underhill Center, VT. Follow the link to have more information on her past and current work:

Nick Atherton

Long time CDL sales representative in Franklin County VT, Nick Atherton has developed a strong
reputation for his technical knowledge in everything related to maple. He ran a special high brix RO and a master evaporator all season and will share his experience and conclusions.

Mike Parker

Boiling over 80,000 taps in Northeast NY, Parker Family Maple Farm is one of the biggest sugaring operations in the United States. Mike Parker has been running a CDL 30+ RO and 6×16 master for 2 years and will share his experience and knowledge on the high-brix/Master combination.

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