20+ reverse osmosis 1 900 GPH to 5 700 GPH

The 20+ reverse osmosis by CDL allows continuous concentration at over 20 brix without premature clogging of the membranes.

Capacity of 1 900 GPH to 5 700 GPH to 20 brix .

Increase your flow of performance by adding a 16″ post to your system.

In addition, it allows for a very fast individual rinsing of the membranes to ensure an efficient washing.

100% return for the entire duration of the sugar season.

Increase your flow or performance by adding a 16″ post to your system. Less electrical amperage required.

16″ post capacity over 2400 gallons per hour.


  1. Eliminates complex plumbing.
  2. Major energy savings.
  3. Space saving.
  4. Easy to operate.
  5. Can replace more than four 8″ posts.
  6. Maintenance free submersible pump.
  7. Superior performance with series of reduced posts.
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