4-Seasons tubing 5/16″

4-Seasons tubing 5/16″

5/16″ 4-Seasons tubing TM for sugar bush has many advantages. Unparalleled translucency, the longest life in the maple industry, malleable at all temperatures, resistant to falling trees, branches and ice, no loss of tightness on CDL fittings and offers the best guarantee of the market. The 4-Seasons tubing TM  is the reference for maple syrup producers and is a must for your plans to expand, install or replace tubing within your sugar bush.

4-Seasons tubing

Only available at CDL Maple Sugaring Equipment

UV protected food grade polyethylene

Available 4-Seasons tubing TM tubing colours
Blue  Green  Shadow grey 

500 foot coils

Limited warranty
10 years. Additional limited 5 and 15 year options for blue.

Choosing your level of flexibility

The stiffness or flexibility of your tubing will have a direct impact on the reliability and longevity of your system. Before you buy, take the time to assess the benefits of both. With the original 4-Seasons tubing TM, you opt for:

  • Easier installation in northern regions
  • Shape memory (recovers its shape after stretching)
  • Grip fittings that stay in place
  • Superior transparency
  • Operational life that defies the laws of physics

Choosing your colour

When choosing the colour of your tubing, the operating temperature – affected by altitude, orientation and exposure to the elements – remains the most important criterion. Are you familiar with the temperature variations within your forest?

  • Dark colours (shadow grey): by attracting more sun, your lateral lines thaw faster
  • Light colours (blue, green): by being less exposed to UV rays, tubings are less prone to overheating and bacterial growth

4-Seasons tubing TM is a protected trademark and can’t be used without autorisations.
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Product models
  • 66001308055/16″ 4-Seasons tubing Blue 500' 10 year
  • 66001272095/16″ 4-Seasons tubing Blue 500' 15 year
  • 6600137510D5/16″ 4-Seasons tubing Green 500' 10 year
  • 66001375155/16″ 4-Seasons tubing Green 500' 15 year
  • 66001440105/16″ 4-Seasons tubing Shadow grey 500' 10 year
  • 66001424155/16″ 4-Seasons tubing Shadow grey 500' 15 year
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