New : Nano CDL cellular surveillance system

By Jocelyn Pelletier, Product Manager - CDL Intelligence

CDL Intelligence now has a remote management solution for small and medium-sized producers! The Nano CDL cellular surveillance system lets you use your smartphone to start and stop your vacuum pump remotely, in manual mode or automatic mode depending on the temperature. It can read the pump in real time, detect if the tank is full, send notifications to the phone, and even stop the pump if the sap levels are too high.

The system also collects data and sends it to your smartphone, where you can see it on the user-friendly interface of the dedicated CDL Nano app. That means you and your team can access crucial information anytime, anywhere.

The Nano CDL cellular surveillance system is the best way to bring remote management to your sugar bush without getting a full CDL Intelligence system. It will save you time, money, and stress by constantly looking out for vacuum loss, overflow, and even freezing!

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