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April Lemay in front of her displays

April Lemay: an inspiring female maple producer!

At the beginning of last April, I had the chance to interview a very inspiring maple producer and a successful woman-owned business: April Lemay. Hope you enjoy this interview and learn more about her company, April’s Maple, her values, her professional background and her daily life. Happy reading!
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Jean-Marie Chabot

Tapping tips by Mr. Jean-Marie Chabot

On October 27, 2020, I had the chance to interview a person with extensive experience in the maple syrup industry, Mr. Jean-Marie Chabot, co-founder of CDL Maple Sugaring Equipment. This seasoned entrepreneur shared his tapping tips with us so that both newbies and the more experienced of you, dear customers, can brush up on your […]
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Tubing System

For a healthy tubing system

A healthy tubing system means maximum return on your investment! Here are a few tips to help you. Is it time to replace your tubing? First, you need to know the age of the tubing and fittings. If you are not sure, consider these key factors in your analysis. Have you seen vacuum loss through the years, […]
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Tree water and CDL: a winning team!

Did you know that CDL has developed expertise over the past fifteen years in plant sap, and more specifically in birch sap? At CDL, we first developed a field of expertise in forest harvesting and plant syrup production, which subsequently enabled us to adapt our maple equipment already in place. More recently, our ultrafiltration process, […]
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Retail Sales

Retail sales: How to stand out from your competition!

Selling retail your maple syrup or transforming it in multiple products, here are a few tips to help you stand out from your competition! History! The only thing your competition will never be able to copy is your history!  People are always interested to know more about you!  Do not hesitate to share the origin […]
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