4.0 maple sugaring network : A project by and for business

By Marie-Myriam Dumais Synnott, Director of the Créneau Acéricole in Quebec

In the fall of 2020, a number of businesses gathered with the support of Créneau Acéricole to receive the training they needed to develop their 4.0 strategic plans. This was the birth of 4.0 Maple Sugaring Network.

The project helped 18 businesses receive the necessary support to create their strategic plans and, in so doing, access several funding programs to help them integrate new technologies.

What’s 4.0?

Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, refers to the transformation that industry is undergoing as digital technologies become part of industrial processes.

In the maple syrup industry, using end-of-line sensors, for example, gives producers key data that helps them detect leaks in the system. This is just one of the many ways technology can help maple syrup producers significantly increase their yield. Sensors can collect data on several pieces of equipment: the reverse osmosis system, the evaporator, and the vacuum pumps. It’s easy to see how that data can improve maple sugaring operations, work organization, and even preventive maintenance for sugaring equipment.

The fourth industrial revolution, commonly referred to as 4.0, is expected to optimize yields, increase harvest quality, and reduce work time. Integrating digital technologies is clearly the key to moving the maple syrup industry forward.

For maple sugaring, which remains a traditional practice, industrial development is still in its infancy. Integrating digital technology significantly improves production techniques and methods, not to mention the management and optimization of maple syrup businesses.

4.0 Maple Sugaring Network aims to:
• Introduce and accelerate computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) processes among maple syrup producers
• Help businesses take action and access the right support
• Train strategic personnel and impact the business’s organizational culture
• Make operations more profitable by integrating innovative tools and methods
• Inform businesses of the variety of solutions and equipment available to them
• Enhance the industry

Want to find out more about the 4.0 Maple Sugatring Network? Contact us and stay tuned for the upcoming information session slated for June 5, 2023, which will cover the implementation process and available funding.

Sign up or learn more about the information session: www.creneauacericole.com

We can also answer your questions one-on-one.

Be a trailblazer! Take part in the fourth industrial revolution by ushering in the Maple Syrup Industry 4.0!

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