The Master-E : A CDL evaporator is now available in its electric version!

By Marc-André Chabot, Co-owner of CDL and Vice President of Research and Development

This concern for innovation is constant in the various CDL teams. For more than three years, the CDL Research and Development team has devoted itself, among other things, to pushing the current limits of evaporation. The thinking and working parameters are of course a mixture of the constraints related to the quality end products, as well as the needs of the customers in terms of productivity and energy efficiency. The conclusion of the discussions has brought CDL to offer today a new 100% electric and automated evaporator while maintaining the quality of the syrup. To contribute to the electrification of sugar bush equipment, which has grown over the years, CDL is proud to launch a brand-new electric evaporator: the Master-E!

The Master-E is nothing like a conventional evaporator. Its revolutionary concept in the maple syrup industry optimizes the heat exchange between the sap and the heating tubes. The 2023 model of the Master-E aims for a production capacity of two barrels per hour. However, other models will be added over time so that the technology could be used by all maple syrup producers.

Like much of CDL equipment, one of its outstanding advantages is the little manipulation required since it is fully automated. The Master-E corresponds 100% with our vision of the sugar bush 4.0. It can be controlled remotely via different devices. This highly reliable evaporator can therefore operate alone, without constant supervision. Rest assured that the Master-E also honors the high energy efficiency standards of our range, thanks to the use of renewable energy.

Front view of the Master-E evaporator. Picture shown is for illustration purpose only. Patent pending.


Built entirely in stainless steel, the Master-E will offer you an exceptional lifespan. This new easy-to-use evaporator is also very safe to operate thanks to its automation and its closed evaporation circuit. This is an important element given the intensive use that will be made of it during sugaring season.

From a syrup quality point of view, the optimal short residence time inside the system will ensure an exceptional taste of the final product that meets your expectations. In addition, you will find very little sediment buildup on the heating tubes, which optimizes performance over long periods of boiling and makes it easy to clean and maintain. The evaporator is designed for boiling at any Brix. With a very low syrup production cost, the Master-E will quickly become an irreplaceable piece of equipment in your production process.

Designed for and by Maple syrup producers!

At CDL, our research and development team is made up of experts with extensive experience in the field; that’s why we chose this slogan. “Designed by and for maple syrup producers” is so true! True to the CDL brand, the installation of the Master-E is characterized by simplicity. Simplicity which is also present during maintenance thanks to the automated and rapid washing. It is always appreciated that the equipment performs well while taking up as little space as possible in your sugar cabin, which is the case here. No vapor escapes from this evaporator since it is completely condensed to be discharged into the sewer afterwards. So, no need to install a chimney! The first Master-Es will be in operation with some of our customers for the 2023 sugaring season.

In short, this revolutionary equipment will offer maple syrup producers unequaled energy efficiency, in addition to using green and renewable energy. Fully automated and safe, the Master-E offers great boiling flexibility and takes up little space compared to a traditional evaporator and offers exceptional performance in terms of energy used, maintenance required, labor required, production cost and quality of maple syrup produced.

Want to see the Master-E in action? Inquire about a visit to the new technology showcase planned for this fall with our team.

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