The CDL Variable Speed Extractor

By Sylvain Côté, Manufacturing engineering

The variable speed extractor operates by pumping sap continuously, even if the sap flow from the trees varies. The pump’s capacity rises or falls according to the amount of sap flowing into the extractor. It can do this thanks to a series of probes that continuously monitors the sap levels. The probes are connected to the drive, which allows it to make the pump adjust its speed. As with all CDL equipment, cleaning is as easy as possible. It’s important to release the vacuum inside the casing before cleaning. To ensure accuracy, the probes inside should be serviced occasionally. The variable speed extractor is a small device that simplifies the work and avoids the risk of the drain pump not being able to keep up the pace during periods of intense flows or during a thaw. It can also be added to the CDL Intelligence system.

Advantages of the variable speed extractor:

  • Continuous sap evacuation
  • Soft start and stop of the pump
  • Minimizes spikes in amperage
  • Stays cleaner
  • Continuous action

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