5 tips for perfect maple cream

By Maryse Bernier, Director of Distribution Chain and Services

At CDL, we offer a range of four maple cream machines. Here are our top 5 tips for making the perfect maple cream with this essential tool for anyone who processes maple syrup.

1. Prepare a cooling bath for the syrup before you start cooking it. Water needs to constantly run in the pan and around your syrup container; a spacer to lift your container and running water are best.

2. Make sure your maple syrup is cooked to the correct temperature—don’t let it get beyond 22 °F above the boiling temperature of water. In fact, you may want to remove your syrup from the heat at 21.5 °F, since the syrup will continue cooking for a while.

3. Let the syrup cool long enough. You want it to stay in the pan for 6 (or even better, 12) hours. After that, it’s recommended to let the syrup cool at room temperature for another 4 hours once the container has come out of the cooling pan.

4. While the machine is running, use a spatula to constantly scrape the syrup from the sides of the funnel toward the middle of the cone to even out the mixture.

5. Once you’re done making the cream, keep your machine clean. Follow the cleaning process in the user manual. Store in a dry place.

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