Taking your first steps with 100 taps

By Lionel Turmel, Customer service and expert

For a few years now, CDL has been encouraging hobbyists to experience the joys of maple sugaring by providing all the equipment beginners need. The information below will give you some insight into the kind of equipment you’ll be looking for as a new producer. To learn more, please check out our site or talk to one of our CDL dealers.


Nano RO System

Over the past few years, the desire to return to nature and become more self-sufficient has caught on in a big way with Quebeckers, leading many to rediscover the old-timey pleasure of producing their own maple syrup! And while a few enthusiasts may have enjoyed boiling sap ’til the wee hours, most people never seem to mind having some time-saving equipment on hand! CDL offers the Nano reverse osmosis systems that give small-scale producers a real boost. The three-membrane Nano with recirculation pump can handle up to 150 taps, eliminating 10 to 13 gallons per hour and achieving 5 to 6 Brix. That said, it’s important to understand that the goal isn’t to increase the Brix but to reduce boiling time by a factor of two or three. The performance is enhanced by a two-stage pre-filtration that removes impurities. The Troubleshooting Guide is easy to use, and technical support is always available. What’s more, hobbyists who want to try their hand at birch syrup can do so with the same equipment since the Nano ROs work for both types of sap! CDL always advises that you order your equipment a few months in advance to get a head start on the fun of sugaring.


Buckets or tubing?

There are two ways to collect maple sap: the traditional bucket method, or by using tubing that runs from tree to tree and feeds the sap into a single tank by gravity. Just to give an idea of the investment required for each method, you should be aware that the tubing system is less expensive than the bucket method. For example, for 100 taps, on a lot with the right slope for a gravity system, it costs around $3 to $5 per tap for the spiles, tubing, and fittings. For the same number of taps, the spiles, buckets, and lids will run you around $10 per tap.

Next, you’ll need to choose an evaporator. CDL offers a complete line of small evaporators for sugar bushes with as few as 25 taps, or up to 200 taps with our Hobby wood-fired evaporators. Go for fun or efficiency— though you can totally do both! It’s up to you. We’re here to help!

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