The Master Evaporator: Saving Green by Going Green

By Maurice Beauchamp, P. Eng, Director of Operational Effectiveness

Today, producers who are looking for new equipment are generally seeking performance, profitability, simplicity, and time and energy savings. When a piece of equipment meets all these criterias, CDL recommends it without hesitation!

The CDL Master Evaporator is the only one on the market to evaporate more than 5.1 imperial gallons
(6 US gallons) per square foot of pan. It’s also a robust, well-manufactured machine. This helps make it more energy efficient and, like all CDL equipment, easier to use. The evaporator is flexible, running in boiling conditions from 2 to 35 Brix, and allows for long boiling sessions without changing pans. Of course, the final product is always important as well, and this evaporator makes sure the flavour and authenticity of the syrup are top-notch. The evaporation performance is exemplary and the machine is easy to clean, which makes all the difference! What’s more, the power is fully manually adjustable thanks to the feed screws that provide control of the pellet feed. Also, using a fuel like wood pellets makes the system’s GHG emissions almost non-existent (carbon-neutral). The energy and labour costs per barrel are hard to beat. Finally, the Master evaporator has an impressive list of included and available options. To learn more about the Master Pellet Evaporator, visit our website, talk to a CDL dealer, or pick up the phone and tell us about your plans!

Master pellet evaporator located at l’Érablière Marcel Vien in Sainte-Claire.


Included and available options:

  • Syrup flow reverser
  • Double pass flue pan
  • Syrup drip tray
  • Multi-pass syrup pan
  • Filtrate/concentrate preheater
  • Mechanical or electrical level control
  • Control panel with 110 V outlet
  • Front/rear Protec-O
  • Front/rear pan washer
  • Motorized level control

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