A 3/16” tubing system : A simple, economical, and efficient solution!

By Jonathan Côté, Marketing Project Manager - Product and Customer Service

Personal interests and hobbies that bring people closer to nature continue to grow in popularity. Anyone who owns a few dozen maple trees can become an amateur maple syrup producer and develop a real passion for it. The same is true for anyone with a stand of birch. If you’re in a position to take advantage of these resources, why not make your life easier and reduce your investment at the same time? So many still think it takes expensive equipment and a lot of grunt work to haul buckets when it can actually be done so much more easily! Have you ever heard of gravity? In a maple or birch stand, this natural law is a real opportunity—one that ought to be used.

3/16’’ tubing system

Setting up sap collection with a 3/16’’ tubing system means you’ll bypass the work that comes with buckets and the investment you would need to make for a vacuum pump system. In fact, provided there is a slope, 3/16’’ tubing uses gravity to carry maple sap all the way to your tank. The steeper the slope, the greater the natural vacuum resulting from gravity and the bigger your harvest.

With this system, there are no buckets to install and no need to run and empty them, then take them down and store them when the season ends. Not bad! Also, if you compare the cost of buying a new set-up, the tubing system is almost half the cost of buckets ($5 per tap versus $8 to $9 per tap for a set-up with 25 to 50 taps, excluding installation).

CDL has developed an entire range of products for hobbyists. If you’re looking for advice or are interested in equipment, visit the CDL store nearest you to discuss your project.

Testimonial : Paul Partridge, Coldwater, Ontario

“We have been using 3/16’’ tubing in our bush for 8 years. What attracted me to it was its ability to create its own vacuum, this made it a cheap investment to increase our yield in a bush where we had no power to run a vacuum system.

This bush had a good slope from the top of the bush to the bottom, so it allowed us to run long lines done to our main line and then to our tanks. We have 1,250 taps on this system and was very easy to install. The trees produced an average 40% more after switching from the traditional buckets and eliminated hours of collection. I believe anyone who has a slope in their bush and want a vacuum system that is inexpensive for a smaller operation this

SCAN TO SEE is the way to go

To make your dream a reality:
1. Walk your land and determine its potential.
2. Clean up your forest by removing nuisance trees but keeping the companion species in your sugar bush.
3. Install your tubing system so that sap flows to a storage tank. (Make sure you read the guide that comes with your 3/16’’ tubing at time of purchase.)
4. Harvest!
5. Remember, CDL advisors are here to help you

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