CDL Intelligence - Maple Sugaring Management System (Monitoring)

CDL Rotary Flowmeter

  • To measure flow per minute and the total quantity of liquid. Works positively only. (installation of a check valve is recommended. Possibility to reset to zero.
  • Recommended for applications under vacuum (ex: coming out of an extractor). Works on 24 volt with a transformer included. Maximum pressure 150 psi.
  • Easily connects to the CDL Intelligence system.
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Product models
  • 2101001" RS-485 MESH 2.5 - 79GPM
  • 2101501-1/2" RS-485 MESH 6.5-225GPM
  • 2102002" RS-485 MESH 10.5-357GPM
  • 2103003" RS-485 MESH 24-739GPM

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