Intelligent reverse osmosis

The new 2nd generation of CDL intelligent reverse osmosis (RO’s) are the most powerful and advanced in history of the maple sugaring. With performance levels of 2 to 35 Brix and 600GPH to 14,000GPH, these CDL intelligent reverse osmosis (RO’s) are fully customizable and offer many benefits and intelligent remote management (CDL 4.0 Vision – Automated sugarbush)

The advantages of the 2nd generation of CDL intelligent reverse osmosis (RO’s) are numerous:

  • More competitive prices (CDL Sales Representatives)
  • More available functions and options
  • More flexible operation
  • Modular design to better adapt to your needs
  • Easy expansion of the RO with post carts independant of the control module
  • Easier to control (less valves than 1st generation)
  • Interface 2.0 eliminates many possible operator errors
  • Simplified software updates (done remotly through internet)
  • RO data saved on CDL Cloud
  • Fully compatible and supported by CDL Monitoring
  • Remote maintenance and support. Get specialized expertise quickly!

The new CDL 2nd generation intelligent reverse osmosis (RO’s) simplify the reverse osmosis step. In addition, they allow you to remotely manage all the operations that must be performed by an RO:

Remote features
Rinse the membranes;
Membrane soap wash;
Membrane acid wash;
Control sap or permeate feed;
Continuous brix control;

Intelligent managements
Concentrate Brix monitoring;
Maple sap Brix monitoring;
Permeat flow reading;
PH monitoring and control;
Conductivity meter;
Preventive management (plugging);
High and low pressure protection;

CDL’s intelligent reverse osmosis can be supervised and operated by the CDL Monitoring.

HT + HIGH FLOW: CDL intelligent reverse osmosis (RO’s) are equipped with CDL’s unique patented recirculation system doubling the performance of membranes.

The new intelligent RO was developed to simplify the operation as much as possible. In addition, it allows you full remote management of all the operations that must be performed by the RO.

Simple programming allows you to safely operate the equipment during your rest hours, work hours or when away from the sugar house.

CDL intelligent reverse osmosis are a revolution in the maple sugaring industry combining quality, reliability and performance.

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