Ultrafiltration system

CDL Ultrafiltration, be a part of the next innovation in maple sugaring!

Designed and made for very fine filtration of maple sap, birch sap and concentrate, CDL Ultrafiltration system eliminates bacteria, yeast and other organic particles from liquids. It also improves sap and concentrate preservation time.

Research and development

At CDL, we worked hard to make it reality for producers looking to expand their market and diversify their maple and birch product range.

Ultrafiltration, a clear opportunity

We’re convinced that ultrafiltration of sap water will bring the maple and birch sugaring industry tot another level. That’s why we developed the most advanced system dedicated to it.

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  1. 100% stainless steel recirculation
  2. Food grade equipment
  3. Exceptional purity and minerals preservation
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Product models
  • CDL UF systemFully customizable
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