Wood, chip or pellet Master evaporator

Master evaporator

The CDL Master Evaporator is the only evaporator on the market
evaporating over 5.1 Imp. gal. / ft or 6 U.S. gal. /ft of pan.


Wood, chip or pellets.


Wood pellet Master available in sizes : from 3’ X 11’ to 7’ X 18’
Wood Master available in sizes : from 4’ X 15’ to 6’ X 18’


Ability to produce up to 3 arrels/hour (18o brix), 6 barrels/hour (30o brix)
with the 7′ x 18′ pellet model

Ideal for

Performance and efficiency in high brix.
Unmatched boiling flexibility (from 2 to 35 brix)

Automated rear
loading of fuel
(wood, wood pellets
and chips)

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