Master evaporators

Master evaporators

Model caracteristics
  • CombustionWood, chip, pellets, oil, propane and natural gaz
  • Dimensions3’ X 11’ to 7’ X 18’
  • Consumption(oil) 0.195 gallons of oil per gallon of syrup. (propane) 0.26 gallons per gallon of syrup. (NATURAL GAZ) 28.6 cubic feet per gallon of syrup.
  • EfficacitéAbility to produce up to 3-1/2 barrels/hour (18° Brix), 6 barrels/hour (30° Brix) with the 7' x 18' pellet model
  • Options availableSyrup flow reverser, Double pass flue pan, Syrup drip tray, Multi-pass syrup pan, Permeate or concentrate preheater, Mechanical or electrical level control, Control panel with 110 V electric outlet, Front/rear Protec-O, Front/Rear pan washer

The Master of evaporators!

CDL Master evaporator is the only evaporator on the market evaporating over 5.1 gals. imp/ft² to 6 gals. us/ft² of pan. Considered as the most productive and most efficient evaporator in maple sugaring industry, the CDL Master evaporator is now available in multiple sizes, from 3′ x 11′ to 7′ x 18′. CDL Master retains authenticity and quality of maple syrup no matter Brix concentration.

Discover the benefits of a unique comfortable operation, a stable production and a long term quality equipment.

Ask your CDL representative today about all advantages, main features and available models of CDL Master evaporators.


  1. Rogged and quality construction
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Easy to operate
  4. Boiling stability
  5. Boiling conditions adjustment and flexibility from 2 to 35 Brix
  6. Longer boiling time without pan change
  7. Flavor and authenticity of maple syrup
  8. Evaporation performance
  9. Energy costs/labor per barrel
  10. Easy cleaning
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