Vacuum pumps



  1. Very performant and stable
  2. 100% oil-free pump with a design that complies with regulatory hygiene principles, for risk-free food safety
  3. Robust design with corrosion free materials
  4. Air-cooled without oil or water allowing operation at low vacuum without damaging the pump
  5. Zero friction, minimizing amperage required for consistent efficiency
  6. Principle of dry and robust screw very resistant to the ingestion of liquids
  7. Withstands water vapor (moisture) just as much as liquid water, so no need for a moisture trap
  8. Simplicity of installation and operation
  9. Reduced maintenance requirements
  10. Reduced noise level, silent operation without rattling or high-pitched noise
  11. 230/460 volt three-phase motor
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Product models
  • 57065G12HP065 2HP 208V 3PH
  • 57100G13HP100 3HP 208V 3PH
  • 57160G14HP160 4HP 208V 3PH
  • 57200G15.5HP200 5.5HP 208V 3PH
  • 57065G62HP065 2HP 460V 3PH
  • 57100G63HP100 3HP 460V 3PH
  • 57160G64HP160 4HP 460V 3PH
  • 57200G65.5HP200 5.5HP 460V 3PH
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