Reverse Osmosis

Hobby concentrator

500 to 2000 taps

50% reduction in boiling time and energy savings.


  • Economical and ultra compact.
  • Made mostly of stainless steel components.
  • All pumps are completely made of stainless steel.
  • Best recirculation on the market.
  • Electrical consumption 120 volts (17amp.), 220 volts (10amp.).
  • Offers a low pressure and high temperature protection.
  • Wheel system allows easy movement without effort.
  • Easy to operate.
  • No need to store in a heated room if properly drained.
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Deluxe reverse osmosis

Capacity from 500 GPH to 3600 GPH

The most efficient on the market

Best recirculation system


  • Entirely made of stainless steel.
  • The most powerful and performant on the market today.
  • Continuous osmosis with low membrane plugging, allowing a concentration of up to 18 brix for a whole day. (Depending on the number of membranes.).
  • Individual flow reading for each membrane.
  • Unique recirculation system, patented, very powerful that increases membrane life with a low maintenance submersible motor.
  • Our 5 and 7.5 hp high pressure pumps offer the highest flow on the market.
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20+ reverse osmosis (1 900 GHP to 5 700 GHP)

Capacity of 1 900 GHP to 5 700 GHP to 20  brix 

Increase your flow of performance by adding a 16″ post to your system.

The 20+ concentrators allows continuous concentration at over 20 brix without premature plugging of the membranes.

In addition, it allows for a very fast individual rinsing of the membranes to ensure an efficient washing.

100% return for the entire duration of the sugar season.

Increase your flow or performance by adding a 16″ post to your system. Less electrical amperage required.

16″ post capacity over 2400 gallons per hour.


  • Eliminates complex plumbing.
  • Major energy savings.
  • Space saving.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can replace more than four 8″ posts.
  • Maintenance free submersible pump.
  • Superior performance with series of reduced posts.

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1.5 HP turbine

New 1.5 HP turbine installed on vertical cart or horizontal for posts, preventing the clogging of the membranes at high brix.

Can easily be added to a CDL reverse osmosis previously purchased with or without cart.

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Intelligent reverse osmosis machine

A revolution in the maple syrup industry


CDL’s intelligent RO machine can be supervised and operated by the CDL monitoring system.

The new intelligent RO was developed to simplify as much as possible its operation. In addition, it allows you full remote management of all the operations that must be performed by the RO.

Simple programming allow you to safely operate the equipment during your rest hours, work hours or when away from the sugar house.

Rinse the membranes;
Membrane soap wash;
Membrane acid wash;
Control sap or permeate feed;
Continuous brix control.

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30+ Reverse osmosis

Saves time and energy costs 

This new CDL concentrator series allows you to increase the brix of your concentrate to over 30 efficiently.

Three 8-inch post models;
capacity of 600 GHP/300 GAL. Concentrated at 30 brix.

Six 8-inch post models;
capacity of 1200 GHP/600 GAL. Concentrated at 30 brix.

Includes a continuous brix sensor with a modulating valve.
Automatically maintnains the desired brix.

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