Cleaning accessories

Brushes for pans and tanks

2″ x 7″ without handle
Product Code: 663524

2″ x 7″ flue brush
Product Code: 663521

½” x 7″ flue brush
Product Code: 66352

4″ x 7″ pan brush
Product Code: 72940050

9″ handle
Product Code: EVBRE001

20″ handle
Product Code: EVBRE003

No handle round tank brush
Product Code: 66356

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Pan cleaners

Sani-clean 4 L
Product Code: 66284

Sani-clean 20 L
Product Code: 66288

99% Glacial acetic acid 20 L
Product Code: 667474

Powdered pan acid for stainless steel
3lb Product Code:  EVNSS300
10lb Product Code:  EVNSS010
25lb Product Code:  EVNSS250
1gal. Product Code:  EVPAN40W
5gal. Product Code:  EVPAN5GW

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